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書評被讚好(書評即使修改或刪除, 分數維持不變, 不用回復)




按時完成閱讀報告 / 豁免遲交




閱讀報告 - 報告得分數








新增書友 (每個)








借電子資源 (以ACNO計,只加一次)




借電子書 (以ACNO計,只加一次)




Rules & Regulations

(1)  Schoolbags, plastic bags, food and drinks should not be brought into the library. Things should be stored at the shelves outside the library.

(2) Silence and tidiness must be observed in the library.

(3) Chatting, eating, drinking and sleeping are forbidden in the library.

(4) Use of mobile phone is not allowed in the Library.

(5) No seats may be reserved. Any books or personal belongings left unattended on unoccupied tables or carrels may be removed by library staff without prior notice to the owner.

(6) Library users should pay attention to personal belongings. The library staff does not accept responsibility for any loss.

(7) Books and magazines should be put back to the appropriate shelves according to the call number after use.

(8) Before leaving the library, students should show their books to the librarian or student librarians (Please show the page with the date stamped on).

(9) Mutilation or theft of library materials is a serious offence. Penalties include fine equivalent to full replacement cost, suspension of library privileges, etc. and the cases may also be referred to the Discipline Section for further action.

(10) Borrowers will be held responsible for mutilations found on return of any materials loaned to them.They are advised to check and report any mutilations found in the materials before borrowing.

(11) Photocopying of library materials should be made in compliance with the Copyright Ordinance. Library users are fully responsible for any legal consequences arising from infringement of applicable copyright laws.

(12)  Incase of a fire alarm, all library users should leave the Library via the designated emergency exits immediately. All library materials should be left inside the Library.

Borrowing Procedure

(1)  Students can borrow books, using their Smart Card.

(2)  The smart card with barcode label should be used by the card holder only.

(3)  S. 1 to S. 3 students can borrow up to 5 books whereas S. 4 to S. 6 students
can borrow up to 7 books.

Borrowing Period

The borrowing period is one week only. Students can extend the borrowing time to another week when necessary.

Books Overdue

A fine of 50 cents per day , including Saturdayand Sunday, should be paid for each book which is not returned according to thedate stamped on it.

Losing the Smart Card

If a student loses his orher Smart Card, he or she should report to the school office (1/F) immediately.

Books Damaged and Lost

Borrowers should check ifthe books they borrow are in good condition before leaving the library. For anybook lost or returned with damage, the borrower should pay for the full cost topurchase a new one.

Reference Books (Marked with “R”)

All reference booksshould only be read inside the library. They are not for borrowing.

圖書館服務組 2022-2023


副主席:4S 吳天琳

副主席:3A 司徒靜

美工:2M 黃傑盈 2M黃傑柔 2E 劉子菲

文書:2M 冼芯?  2M劉家懿

宣傳:2M 朱暟澄  3S 陳心如

財政:4M 曾致瑤

總務:4M 黃心怡

幹事:4M 李鈴珊  4S 梅芷晴  3E 趙家穎
           3E 黃熙琳  2M 陳熙琳

級聯絡:2M 黃傑盈 3E 趙家穎  4S 羅伊萱


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